When a second act is as good as the original.

After getting invited to celebrate soccer's pinnacle moment, we got invited again, this time to work on the Rio 2016 Olympics.

H&S was back on stage for another world-class act.


You can have a smash hit once. But twice? After working on Soccer, where national pride was the highlight, we got invited again. This time to celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympics. A set of exclusive packages for Head and Shoulders’ top selling products. We were ready to catch lighting in a bottle, literally, one more time. The challenge, each pack had to keep its current design for consumers to recognize their version.

And what an act.


We didn’t think it twice, we partnered with Charis Tsevis and once again he rocked. This time through colorful illustrations that celebrated sports in all forms. The design quickly gained momentum with the brand team, so we decided to take it up a notch and make it a big idea. We expanded it to brand amplifications including posters, murals and other out of home activations. H&S was back on stage for another world-class act. And what an act.


Communication - Concept
Illustration - 2D
Art Direction


Charis Tsevis

Executed @ Creable