Old Spice presents: "El Fresh" vs "El Malos Olores"

The Luchadores Series, a bold and very graphic solution featured each variant as a luchador ready to defy his opponent, "El Malos Olores".

Old Spice reached out to us asking for a blue sky innovative Special Edition exploratory for the brand.


It was an open challenge. From gaming, to future events, retail design, movie tie-ins or sports… anything was possible for the new collection as long as it was disruptive and on equity.

The task in front of us looked like the widest field we’ve ever explored.

So we moved swiftly.


After an impressive amount of work, one of our ideas looked particularly strong. And undoubtedly Mexican: The Luchadores Series.

This smart and very graphic solution featured each sku as a luchador ready to defy his opponent, “El Malos Olores”. The brand was taken by our thinking and loved the idea, immediately recognizing its power.

And here’s the twist.

Our client took a leap and decided to launch it in Mexico as a separate initiative, which lead to the development of posters, digital and social media assets. Even a stand-alone campaign. Proof that in the land of innovation, sometimes a small jump can lead you to a giant leap.


Communication - Concept, Key Visuals
Packaging - Special Edition
Illustration - 2D, 3D

Executed @ Creable