A makeover Willy Wonka would crave for.

American iconic brand Russell Stover had a solid heritage and recognition. Yum. But needed a partner to help them evolve.

A sweet past. An even sweeter future.


The market landscape in the chocolate world is not always sweet. With newcomers popping up everywhere, competition is hard. And keeping up with the times is more necessary than ever. American iconic brand Russell Stover had a solid heritage and recognition.Yum. But needed a partner to help them evolve their VisId to make it more current and aligned to a hectic, ever-changing market.

We unwrapped a visual treat for them.

Gifting from the heart.


Working along with their awesome internal team, we took their VisId to next level. We focused on their main packaging and created a visual concept flexible enough to keep both their core identity and seasonal offerings coexisting together. All that, while making sure the brand’s look and feel stayed consistent throughout. We also elevated their “Gifting from the heart” campaign concept by dialing up indulgence and self expression on every pack design.

Needless to say, this collaboration was a treat. As good as chocolate.

We are proud to see an iconic brand dialing up their assets without never forgetting their make-happy purpose. Willy Wonka somewhere is getting a little jealous.


Communication - Concept & Key Visuals
Packaging - Core & Gifting
Brand Architecture - Visualization
Branding - Evolution & Brand World
Typography - Lettering
Illustration - 2D & 3D


Peter Horridge

Executed @ Creable.