Getting our hands dirty in the name of composting.

It was all about creating fertile soil and giving the peel a new appeal.

Doing our part.


Brand incubation is perhaps even more challenging than working on a well established brand. And incubating the future visual identity for a sleek food recycler was like providing a baby idea with the perfect conditions to flourish. It was all about creating fertile soil.

Making composting a beautiful thing.


Composting is extremely gratifying, even when the process is not always pretty. Doing our part for the world is definitely here to stay. So we focused on new beginnings, a cycle of life that can go on forever. The idea of transforming an apple or orange peel into a handful of soil for a future plant to grow is mesmerizing. Apple peel to soil to an apple… to apple peel again. Bingo! the visual narrative of Zera came full circle.


Branding - Visual Identity, Brand World, Brand Fundamentals
Communication - Concept, Key Visuals
Illustration - 3D


Creable Films / Roaster

Executed @ Creable